Experience Music Group is a boutique music licensing, audio branding and artist management agency based in Beverly Hills, California. Founded in January 2003 by Evan Stein and Martin Weiner, Experience Music Group specializes in creating the perfect synthesis of music and message for brands, film, television and advertising.With our extensive catalogue of eclectic music from around the world, Experience Music Group serves as a bridge connecting independent musicians to media and brands. Our vast network of music scouts have their ear to the ground and their feet in the clubs, searching for and sending us acts that are generating the most buzz. Whether it’s a music supervisor looking for the perfect song or a business trying to define the sound of their brand, we have the musical solution.

Experience Music Group approaches music licensing differently than most companies. We work with our artists on a track-by-track basis, not the typical album-by-album style found at other licensing companies. We build our catalog on the principal that quality is paramount to quantity, an approach that maximizes the licensing potential for each track. Think of Experience Music Group as the “singles” market for music licensing. Our ever-expanding catalog spans all genres of music and includes both the vocal and non-vocal mixes to further suit the needs of our clients. Representing artists who own 100% of their music’s synchronization and master use rights enables us to meet our clients’ needs with speed and efficiency.

Just as the right song sets the mood in a film or television show, the right sound sets the tone for a brand’s message. In any industry, setting yourself apart from the competition is key to success. Music is one off the most powerful marketing tools available to accomplish that goal. Experience Music Group creates memorable musical concepts that help distinguish your brand from the rest. We work with our clients to give their customers a musical experience that truly embodies their brand’s image. Experience Music Group works with its roster of composers, artists and bands to create personalized musical solutions. Creating customized playlists, branded music CDs and USBs for customer distribution, and matching brands with bands for live performances are just a sampling of how we can help create your brand’s signature sound.

EMG also has a growing music publishing arm specializing in creating unique opportunities for our artists to write for ads, films, television, and more.

Experience Music Group. Motivating Music.

Evan Stein

Martin Weiner