Do you feel your music is a perfect fit for a certain television show or film?

Have you ever seen a commercial and thought that your song would have been more effective in helping selling the product than the song that was used?

Have you submitted your demo to a music supervisor, a record label or a publisher and waited for months wondering if someone was actually listening? If you have, you are not alone.

Experience Music Group is a boutique music licensing company that works with all musical genres – blues, classical, country, dance, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, lounge, pop, punk, rock, urban, world music and more. Our goal is simple- to get your music placed in films, television shows, commercials, video games and all other media outlets. There are no long-term contracts binding you and your band or exclusive contracts that will prevent you from pursuing a deal with a major record label or a music publisher.

In other words – you send us music with your contact info and if we feel a particular track is marketable, we’ll contact you. We work on a song-by-song basis and as your representative, Experience Music Group gets paid a percentage of the overall licensing fee per track.

If you would like to submit your music, please review ALL the information below carefully.
Submit your material as follows:

*Email Streaming Links ONLY to (No MP3’s, no downloads)

*Mail CD or Flash Drive format ONLY. (No vinyl, no cassettes.) If you have instrumental versions of your songs please send those as well.

*Make sure your Streaming Link or CD is clearly labeled with the following information:

Your name
The name of your band * Please send a note listing which artists you or your band most sound like.
Address * Send song titles, names of all the song writers, names of all the song publishers and lyric sheets if possible.
Telephone and fax number * List music publisher, record label, and/or management contacts (if any).
E-Mail address * Bio and previous working credits.

Please DO NOT send:

Any covers or songs, which include unlicensed sampled music (These present rights issues which can cause music supervisors and producers to immediately pass on your material.) Rough, overloaded or live recordings. We are only looking for broadcast quality recordings.

Please Note: We are not a talent agency. We do not “book” jobs for artists. We seek out licensing opportunities for individual songs. Your material cannot be returned. We will contact you if we feel your material is appropriate for a particular licensing opportunity. Please do not expect commentaries on your music. We receive so much material that it would be impossible to take the time to comment on each one. We retain the right to refuse service to anyone.

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